iWH-20  High Speed 4N OFHC 4K HDMI Cable


+ Fully 4K support

+ Exclusively manufactured to Increcables exacting specifications.

+ Instantly improves your home theater experience.

+ Amazing all-digital connection for clearest possible picture.

+ Guaranteed to support all HDTV formats (1080P, 1080i, 720P, 480P).

+ Guaranteed to support all 3D TV formats (4096P, 2160P, 1440P, 1080P, 1080i, 720P, 480P).

+ Larger conductors than most HDMI cables.

+ Supports 8-channel digital audio on same cable. Also supports 6-channel, 96kHz audio.

+ Support for One Bit Audio format, such as Super Audio CD's DSD (Direct Stream Digital).

+ Full support for PC video formats.

+ Ability for PC sources to use their native RGB color-space while retaining the option to

support the YCbCr CE color-space.

+ Supports future low-voltage (i.e., AC-coupled) sources, such as those based on PCI

Express I/O technology.

+ Protective Nylon Outer Braid.

+ Audio Return Channel enabled TV can either send or receive audio via HDMI, upstream or downstream.

TouchStone  High Speed 6N OFHC Solid Core 4K HDMI Cable



+ Ensure 4K functionality in your Home Theater System

+ Purpose designed commercial grade

+ 100% HDMI Compliance ensures certifiable performance

+ IUS (IWatch Unified Shell) connector fit firmly into HDMI receptacle

+ Purest 24 AWG 6N OFHC Copper Solid Core conductors

+ Full HD 4096p @ 24 / 50 / 60Hz, 8 bits per channel color support on all lengths, up to 4096p on specified lengths.

+ No high heat injection molding as it can increase capacitance by compromising each core's outer jacket, effectively blending them all together.

+ Utilizes INCRECABLE M.O.S.P. (Megarate Optimized Soldering Process)termination, a fully automated process which increase transfer rate, most HDMI cables are hand soldered.

+ High technology soldering process with LEAD-FREE 2% SILVER SOLDER  ensures consistency which results in measurably BER (Bit Error Rate) through reduced JITTER.

+ Nitrogen Gas Injection Dieletric Foam PE minimizes data loss

+ RoHS Compliant