Black Rhodium

Loudspeaker cables


Black Rhodium designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of speaker cables, designed for all levels of equipment and budgets.

All of our speaker cables (excluding soundtrack custom install cable) are fully insulated in silicone rubber, both internally and externally. This not only improves the clarity and timing of music, but is also superior in dealing with vibration interference.

Due to our bespoke set up, we can cater for specific requirements, including custom lengths, and sourcing bespoke connectors at competitive rates.

For those wishing to use our cables for installation work, we can supply our cable in bulk by the reel, as well as advising on which connector will be the best fit for your install.

Polka Classic Loudspeaker Cable



POLKA CLASSIC has been developed from the successful FOXTROT / QUICKSTEP / WALTZ series of cables, just as the original POLKA, but with a different approach. Whereas the original POLKA had a much larger cable area and delivered a very powerful bass sound that was ideal for rock music. The POLKA CLASSIC has been designed especially for classical music with a lesser influence on conductor size and greater emphasis on conductor and material quality


  • Silver Plated copper stranded conductors
  • Silicone rubber Insulation
  • British manufacture of core cable
  • Braided screen
  • Vibration damped along its whole length
  • Rhodium plated 4mm plugs designed by Graham Nalty
  • Available in 3m

Waltz Loudspeaker Cable


Waltz is made for music. Described by leading UK reviewer Paul Rigby as ‘the most even-handed set of speaker cables’  (see full review below),Waltz can deliver an extremely natural presentation of your music with every voice and instrument in the right place.

Waltz has been developed by Black Rhodium to go forward from the success of the award winning Foxtrot and Quickstep loudspeaker cables. Many variations of cable conductor size and metal, screening against high frequency interference and mechanical damping of vibration were tried and tested before the final design of Waltz was chosen. Some of these ‘alternative’ prototypes are simply too good so we have made them available to our customers in the ‘Proto’ range at bargain prices as shown elsewhere on this site.

Waltz has similar conductor wires to Quickstep in a soft silicone rubber insulation that assists in the damping of mechanical vibrations. Waltz is fitted with a tightly braided tinned copper screen that helps to deliver the increased clarity of sound and finished externally with a vibration absorbent woven braid.

Waltz is fitted with Graham Nalty rhodium plated GN-1 Straight Line Contact plugs or rhodium plated spades.

Waltz loudspeaker links are also available to connect with BiWire connected loudspeakers.


  • 2 core twisted pair loudspeaker cable
  • Finished in attractive black absorbent braid
  • Diameter of cores 6.5mm
  • Capacitance between conductors for 3m length 91pF
  • Weight of 3m pair 610g
  • Terminated in rhodium plated GN-1 plugs
  • Rhodium plated spade termination available
  • Available in 3m

Quickstep S Loudspeaker Cable


Quickstep S is the ideal cable for upgrading sound quality between your amplifier and loudspeakers. Quickstep S delivers a clean clear sound at a price that shows good value for money.

This design is available in 3 metre and 5 metre lengths, pair of. 

Design of the new Quickstep S is based around a Black Rhodium winner of a national magazine ‘Loudspeaker Cable of the Year’ award and further enhanced by use of an effective metal screen to reduce external interference. It is covered by an attractive braid that is effective in damping micro vibrations in the cable that can reduce clarity.

Foxtrot Loudspeaker Cable


Foxtrot loudspeaker cable is hand built in Black Rhodium’s factory in a special construction developed by Black Rhodium. 

We find that it makes music far more enjoyable than by using mass produced cable. By careful choice of applying Black Rhodium’s ‘distortion busting’ design techniques, Foxtrot excels in all areas of sound quality, delivering a clear, well balanced and neutral sound that does not tire.

Foxtrot’s musical qualities make it highly suitable for application in high end music systems for which cables at much higher sales prices are likely to be chosen.

Its gold plated Z plugs have been chosen after extensive listening tests for their excellent sound quality.


The special design features of FOXTROT and QUICKSTEPinclude:

  • 2 core twisted pair loudspeaker cable
  • Finished in attractive black absorbent braid
  • Diameter of cores 5mm
  • Capacitance between conductors for 3m length 83pF
  • Weight of 3m pair 360g
  • Terminated in gold plated Z plugs

Intro Loudspeaker Cable

Introducing INTRO by Black Rhodium.

Inexpensive yet high quality stereo loudspeaker interconnects for your hi-fi system.

Features include:

  • Copper core in construction
  • Screened internally
  • Attractive colour braids of your choosing
  • Available lengths are 2M/3M/5M
  • Gold plated banana plug connectors
  • Branded heatshrinks for mechanical rigidity and strain relief
  • Hand built on site in Derby, United Kingdom 


Twist Loudspeaker Cable




Twist gives you award-winning sound quality at a very reasonable cost.


Twist is specially engineered for music. Silicone rubber insulation not only has very low absorption, but also excellent vibration damping qualities to reduce the effects of micro-vi


Good Loudspeaker Cables Do Not Have to be Expensive... Twist Cuts the Cost of Enjoying your Music!

Conductors 24 x 0.2 mm dia. tinned copper

Conductor area 0.75 sq. mm

Insulation thickness 1.2mm silicone rubber

 Opus Loudspeaker Cable



Opus loudspeaker cable meets the needs of customers who prefer the ‘traditional’ sheathed loudspeaker cable in their home.


Whilst the internal design is a small compromise on the specification of Twist, its attractive white silicone rubber sheath acts as a mean of damping micro vibrations within the cable to add greater clarity to your music.


Add power and detail to your music, with clear sound to match!

2 core sheathed loudspeaker cable

0.5 sq. mm tinned copper conductors

0.6mm silicone rubber insulation

T90 Diva Loudspeaker Cable


The cable that delivers a lively and energetic sound without the bulk of traditional speaker cables

Cable manufactured in England

Twisted 2 core cable

Silver plated copper conductors for greater clarity of sound

Low loss PTFE inner insulation designed for clearer beat and rhythm of music

Tightly twisted for superior noise rejection

Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent superior stereo imaging and low background noise.

Exclusive Black Rhodium post production process delivers improved sound quality

Terminated with our high quality solder banana plugs for excellent connection and ease of use in tight spaces