SEAMLESS 8.1 network cable

Why do iNET Ethernet cables sound different?

iNET network cable actually works to achieve improved sound performance of your audio system through noise reduction. It's not the type of noise you can detect by putting an ear to a speaker when the music's not playing. Removing the crud caused by electrostatic fields makes music sound more dynamic, more musical and with greater clarity. 

DST (Dual Shielding Technology) & CST (Comprehensive Shielding Technology TM) are unique. Their ultimate performance is the result of the most extensive research and an in-depth understanding of low-level signal transmission.

Consequences for LAN design when introducing SEAMLESS 8.1 network cable

What is happening?
The transmission performance in the twisted-pair copper cable is increasing from 10 to 25 and 40 Gigabit/s, the transmission frequency up to 2000 MHz. The standardization committees have basically agreed on this quantum leap.

The links will have to be shortened, however, to be able to handle attenuation losses and crosstalk. With 40GBase-T the distance is to be 24m.


  • Connector: RJ45 Male iPLUG

  • Treatment: DCT 

  • Housing Material: Solid metal with high-quality glass fabric sheathing

  • Connector Plating: 24K gold

  • Pin Construction:  4N OFC Copper

  • Pin Plating: Gold plated

  • Dimensions (approx.) W x D x H: 12 x 38.5 x 17mm (0.47x1.52x0.67in)


  • Standard: Cat.8.1

  • Colour: Black

  • Type: Round

  • Jacket Diameter: 6.5mm

  • Jacket Material: elastic TPE

  • Conductor Material: SIP Silver Ion Plated 6N OCC Copper

  • Conductor Gauge: 24AWG

  • Shielding: MG-AL Foil


  • Supported Bandwidth: 2000MHz

  • Nominal Attenuation: 24dB/30m @2000MHz   

  • Minimum Band Radius: 60mm (2.36in)

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C - 60°C (14°F - 140°F)

  • Storage Temperature: -20°C - 75°C (-4°F - 167°F)