The company Unison Research is well known to many for its fine electronics solutions, especially of course amplifiers, but also CD players. When it comes to amplifiers, the company places a strong focus on tube-based solutions, including integrated stereo amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, and even phono pre-amplifiers.

In line with this, loudspeaker systems have been developed, which are designed as highly efficient solutions, so that they can be used optimally for these tube-based amplifiers.

Treviso's Italian company Unison Research is not only focusing on high-efficiency loudspeaker systems, notably with the use of horns, but up until now on really powerful, very impressive systems. Not for nothing were these Unison Resaerch MAX 1 and Unison Research MAX 2 baptized . That ultimately only those customers can be addressed who have the appropriate space in their listening room, is obvious. Thus, they decided to develop a much slimmer, more compact solution, which is now available in the form of the new Unison Research MAX Mini .



Loudspeakers: 1 woofer 8"

                        1 copression driver with titanium diaphragm 1"

Number of way: Two-way library speakers

Frequency Responce: 30-20000 Hz

Cross-over:Woofer: 12 dB low-pass

Tweeter: 6 dB high-pass

Crossover Frequency: 1 - 1.5 kHz

Power: 100 watt RMS

Amplifier: from 10 a 100 Watt RMS 

Sensibility: 93 dB/2.83Vrms/1 meter

Nominal Impedence: 8 ohm

Dimension: 49.5 x 28.5 x 36 cm

Weigth: 15 Kg