Intensive engineering studies have resulted in Unico Pre, a hybrid stereo preamp, UnicoPRE offers the best performance, perfect integration with every audio system and maximum versatility. The front panel design remembers that of the other items in the "top" series of the One Line line: a two-piece composition that is faithful to the high standards of robustness and care in design and design that are part of UnisonResearch's production.



Output Stage : Solid State, BJT
Polarization : Class A
Entry Stage : Triods in Class A
Valves : 2 x ECC82 (12AU7)
Sensitivity : 250mV
Input Impedance : 10 kΩ
Frequency response : flat @ 10Hz / -0.3dB @ 100kHz
SNR : 95dB
THD : 0.01% @ 3.14V, 1kHz
Feedback factor : 0dB
Inputs : 4 line RCA and XLR, 1 tape RCA
Outputs : 1 tape RCA, 1 RCA subwoofer
Output connectors : 2 RCA, 1 XLR
Remote control : IR, Volume and Inputs
Power Consumption : 50W max
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 43.5 x 43 x 13 cm
Net weight: 12 kg