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With the new Callas Series , Opera wants to transfer the pleasure of listening to music inside the domestic walls recreating a three-dimensional sound stage, focused and stable , with the correct timbre , dynamic , detail and absence of listening fatigue. To achieve this, each element of the project has been subjected to careful listening tests.


The new Callas speakers use techniques and components that represent the state of the art in electroacoustic, starting from the cabinet., the speakers and the crossovers. The result is tonally correct, realistic , engaging, and above all enjoyable to listen to. The new model Callas is an example of elegance and fits discreetly into any environment . Callas 2014 is a compact two-way loudspeaker (14 litres) of medium-small size which can be placed on a shelf or a stand . Its main feature is the low-frequency response, extended and controlled, combined with a typical sensitivity of froorstanding speakers. The woofer is a 7-inches, "long-throw", with annealed polypropylene diaphragm combined with the Scanspeak 9700 tweeter (the same used for Tebaldi, Malibran, Caruso and the new Grand Callas 2014) . 

The woofer is reflex loaded with a rear duct . Great care has been placed in the elimination of the internal reflections to ensure maximum transparency in the voice reproduction. Callas 2014 is equipped with a switch that allows you to adjust the output of the vocal range (+2 dB between 300 and 3000 Hz). This increases greatly the flexibility of the diffuser that fits both to a greater number of environmental situations . The new Callas produces a sound stage that expands in three dimensions with an excellent impulse response and power , dynamics and extension at low frequencies typical of systems of much higher dimensions . This speaker is also suitable for the "near field" listening (up to one meter to the listening point).



 Reflex, foorstanding with rear fireing radiation system (dipole). Finish in wood and leather. Bi-wiring. Support for spikes or wheels. 

Front firing loudspeakers:

2 x 8” long-throw woofers, 1 x 7” midrange with polypropylene recooked cone and phase plug. 


 1 x 1” Scanspeak  9700 tweeter without ferrofluid and double decompression chamber

Rear fireing loudspeakers:

 2 x1” tweeters in “natural dipole” assembly

Number of ways:

 3 ways + rear dipole

Frequency Response:

 32 -25000 Hz


 On 2 PCB 12 dB/ott. For  woofers 


 12 dB/ott for midrange 18 dB/ott for the front tweeter 


 12 dB/ott for the reas tweeters Cross-over frequencies 200 e 2000 Hz (aprox.)
Max Power (long period): 

 240 Watt  (without clipping) for musical programs with crest factor about 3

Max Power (Short period)

 500 Watt  (without clipping) for musical programs with crest factor more than 5  


 Starting  from 10 Watt RMS


 89 dB/2.83 Volt/1 meter

Nominal impedance:

 4 ohm (Zmin >3.2 ohm)

Position in the room:

 At least   20 cm from the rear wall