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The Performance Anniversary is a special edition version of the Performance integrated amplifier. Benefiting from the same superior design and build characteristics of the standard model, the Anniversary edition uses upgraded valves to enhance the sound performance more than ever before.

Built to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Unison Research, the Performance Anniversary - like the Sinfonia Anniversary below it - uses class-leading Gold Lion valves designed by Genalex. Since its initial introduction in 1957 by the Marconi-Osram Valve Company (Genalex), the Gold Lion KT88 has been widely considered to be the "King of Power Tubes", which is why their addition to the Performance can improve the sound so dramatically. All Gold Lion valves are meticulously engineered to provide a lower noise floor, a broader frequency range and a larger more detailed sound-stage than many other valves on the market.

Visually, the Performance Anniversary also stands out as unique thanks to it bronze top-plate, as opposed to the Sinfonia's usual stainless steel plate.





Type : Dual mono Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier
Output Stage : single ended parallel ultraliner A class
Output Power : 45W
Inputs : 4 line, 1 tape
Input Impedance : 47 kOhm
Outputs : 1 tape, 1 subwoofer, loudspeakers bi-wiring
Output Impedance : 4 – 8 ohm
Feedback factor : 16dB
Frequency Response : 20 – 30000 Hz
Valves : 6 x 6550/KT88, 2 x ECC82, 2 x ECC83
Remote Control : IR inputs and volume
Power Consumption : 500W max
Dimension : 60 x 48 x 23.5 cm.
Net Weight : 50 KG