Black Rhodium

Digital Audio,Optical & Subwoofer Interconnects


Designed for digital and subwoofer applications alike, Our cables bring excellent value for money, since they are interchangeable between uses.

Our cables are available in various lengths, and with varying terminations, why not give our cables a try and hear for yourself the benefits that they bring.




Legato is a 75 Ohm coaxial cable for digital audio and RF application where extremely low interference and the highest possible sound quality are the most necessary requirements. As well as using high grade materials throughout its constructions, noise and vibration effects are kept to an absolute minimum by the application of multiple tightly braided screens and highly effective vibration damping materials.

Legato is highly suited to customers who require the very best sound quality, but without the encumbrance of the Vibration Stabiliser.



  • 75 Ohm impedance Coaxial cable
  • Silver plated conductors
  • PTFE low loss insulation
  • Rhodium plated RCA connectors
  • Outer diameter = 9mm
  • Weight of 1m terminated = 150g
  • Multiple high coverage braided screens to minimise RFI effects on sound quality.



Allegro is a very high quality 75 Ohm coaxial cable suitable for high quality digital audio and radio frequency signals. Its performance offers significantly lower background noise over Rondo by vibration damping of micro-vibrations within the cable and large ferrites at both ends to reduce RFI induced noise.


  • 75 Ohm impedance for matching 75 Ohm equipment
  • Coaxial geometry
  • Silver plated conductors
  • Low loss PTFE insulation
  • Braided silver plated copper screen
  • Vibration Stabiliser weight 55g to minimize vibration
  • RFI Filters 2 x 13.5mm of x 18 mm length
  • Available with RCA connectors
  • Outer diameter 6.9 mm

Calypso Subwoofer

CALYPSO Sub Woofer interconnect available in 3m


  • SPOCC high purity copper conductor wire
  • Triple Screen
      • Silver plated copper 94% coverage braded screen
      • Aluminium foil wrapping
      • 89% coverage braided screen
  • New DM-PETM (Demagnetising Polyethylene) insulation
  • Conductive layer between insulation and screen to minimise microphonic noise
  • Attractive violet colour outer sheath
  • Outer diameter: 5.5mm
  • Available in stereo pairs or singly for sub-woofer applications

Minuet Subwoofer

MINUET Sub Woofer interconnect available in 3m


  • Silver plated copper stranded conductor wire
  • Silver plated copper 92% coverage braided screen
  • New DM-PETM (De4magnetising Polyethylene) insulation Conductive layer to reduce microphonic noise
  • Outer diameter 5.5mm
  • Available in stereo pairs or singly for Sub-Woofers

Beam Optical

Delivering amazing sounds to your system at the speed of light!

  • Optical Cable
  • Toslink - Toslink connectors with gold plated inner pins.
  • High quality 6mm plastic fibre cable for low loss
  • Attractive black outer jacket
  • Variety of applications including HDTV, DVD, Blu-Ray, Set Top Boxes, DACs as well as some PC's and Laptops.
  • Beam is available in 1.5m, 2m, 3m and 5m lengths



Bring your audio and visual to life, with no shortage of detail!

  • Cable manufactured in England
  • 75 Ohm Coaxial cable
  • Silver plated copper conductors for greater clarity of sound
  • Low loss PTFE inner insulation designed for clearer beat and rhythm of music
  • Special low microphonic noise design that delivers more natural sound quality
  • Exclusive Black Rhodium post production process delivers improved sound quality