Available Length: 

+ USB 2.0 High speed transmit ability

+ Long-term durability

+ Highest data reliabilty

+ Silver plated 6N OFHC copper process conductor

+ Double shield with silver plated 6N OFHC braided shielding 

+ 24K gold plated copper alloy terminals

+ Full aluminum USB plug shell with SPECIAL DAMPING

+ Transmits DATA at up TO 480MBPS

+ Certified according to USB2.0 HIGH SPEED (USB-IF)

+ No high heat injection molding as it can increase capacitance by compromising each core's outer jacket, effectively blending them all together. 

+ Utilizes INCRECABLE M.O.S.P. (Megarate Optimized Soldering Process) termination, a fully automated process which increase transfer rate, most USB cables are hand soldered. 

+ High technology soldering process with LEAD-FREE 2% SILVER SOLDER  ensures consistency which results in measurably BER (Bit Error Rate) through reduced JITTER. 

+ Nitrogen Gas Injection Dieletric Foam PE minimizes data loss 

+ RoHS Compliant 

Burn-In Period

All iUSE USB Cables have been tested and pre burned-in at the factory. However, as with any high end audio components, it may take up to 50 hours of listening to music to reach the optimal sonic results.