iBLOCK  Vibration Control tools

MVD-1  Mechanical Vibration Decoupler   4pcs/set



Horizontal & Vertical Vibration Isolation Made Easy

MVD-1 Mechanical Vibration Decoupler adopts INCRECABLE innovative unique Vibration Control  technology works in horizontal and vertical direction vibrations by utilizing sandwich composite construction by neoprene and cork wood, they act like nonlinear springs that cut off the transmission of vibrations.  Therefore the resonance between the two layers of the isolation neoprene become physically impossible. As a result, MVD-1 Mechanical Vibration Decoupler filters out a broad band of input vibration frequencies and insures a constant level of vibration transmission reduction.

MVD-1 Mechanical Vibration Decoupler features a sturdy, black PVC with non-stick neoprene surface footprint sized 50mm x 50mm loads up to 45 Lbs (20Kg / each). Featuring by MVCT Mechanical Vibration Control Technology, iBLOCK series tools provide good isolation both vertically and horizontally starting at 20 Hz.

  • Sandwich composite construction for isolating loads up to 45 Lbs (20Kg) / each
  • Ideal for compact applications that require a small footprint
  • Measurement 2" x 2" x 1" (50mm x 50mm x 20mm) works with components up to 180 Lbs (80Kg) loading capacity / per set
  • Easy to mount and design into applications