Its structure comprises three distinct enclosures designed to ensure elimination of standing waves and vibration. The considerable weight of the loudspeaker (100 kg) required the development of the new exclusive Fixocal locking system, which locks the three enclosures together with up to 1.6 tons of clamping pressure.

Grand Concert is not just a technological showcase; all of triangle’s passion for music has gone into it. We have pushed our thrive for perfection to its limit.
Bass is abysmally deep, the mids and highs simply go beyond the walls, you can feel the ambiance in the hall and it is totally gripping. At last, you can now enjoy a genuinely realistic listening experience. With the Grand Concert, triangle’s engineers have managed to blend together seemingly incompatible elements: the full texture of the timbre coupled with sublime airiness and power which conserves all its femininity.

In collaboration with Hutchinson, we developed an exclusive coupling process for the T16PG midrange driver. The resulting elimination of any vibration creates a sound image which is totally transparent and exceptionally sharp. This principle of mechanical coupling is drawn upon for the configuration of the filters which are separate and isolated, each one functioning uniquely within its own individual module.

The Grand Concert was installed for a philharmonic concert in the cathedral in Amiens, which is the most vast medieval edifice in France (it measures 145 m in length, with a 42.5 m vaulted nave and an interior volume of 200 000 m3).



An exclusive technology developed by TRIANGLE. Like the endpin of a cello, it evacuates mechanical energy to the ground.


A marvel of mechanical ingenuity and precision machining, one of the cornerstones of the Magellan program.


Made of pure copper and plated with gold to ensure perfect electric conductivity.